The designer and creator of The CashoMatic Express System, is an accomplished investor who has vast experience in several powerful industries around the globe. He holds a Science Degree in Accounting and Finance from an accredited 4-Year University in the United States of America (USA), and has over 10 years experience in several roles in multiple industries serving clients from a diverse pool; and many of them have recognized him for his excellent delivery of service.

While working as an Account Manager for a leading Accounting Firm in the United States of America (USA), the author worked hand-in-hand, very closely and personally with quite a number of people of high net-worth, Business Owners/Entrepreneurs, Executive Vice Presidents (EVPs), Vice Presidents (VPs), Directors, Financial Controllers and a host of other analysts in a variety of fields and industries, with the main aim of advising and ensuring compliance with specific government regulations.

It is during these times, that the author quickly figured out very practical and legitimate ways of providing even more value to the market by creating new opportunities for himself, and a network of other like-minded people, who refused to settle for career paths in the corporate world that are often heavily plagued with “glass” ceilings and a host of other factors that limit ones potential, or their ability to offer their very best and attract a competitive benefit and recognition for their work or efforts in the workplace.

The author used The CashoMatic Express System to free himself from the bondage and chains of oppression that have consistently fettered many workers or employees in the corporate world as well as many other employment circles or groups around the globe. It is the author's utmost desire and wish to educate those who are willing to seize the moment now and turn their lives around by using The CashoMatic Express System to attract to themselves the kinds of lifestyle and personal satisfaction that they so desire in life.

It is definite that the cost of inaction today, is far much greater than taking the bold and valiant step to act now and ease the pain of fear, poverty and want. There is no doubt at all that this is a true gift to humanity that one can definitely not afford to ignore or just brush aside for another day. The right man or person, is the one who seizes the moment, and the moment is right now!